Do’s and Dont’s For Proper Combination of Walking and Weight Loss

Walking is one way to get you where you want to go. We have our legs and feet to help us stand and reach the things that are in higher places. It is walking that assists us to be more efficient in any tasks we’re doing.

This also has a similar effect on our body when it comes to losing weight. The more effort you put in to your walking and the more sweat you have released,Do’s and Dont’s For Proper Combination of Walking and Weight Loss Articles the more weight loss you will achieve.

What Not To Do…

Don’t push yourself on the first try. You will definitely lose weight if you walk and sweat a lot doing it, but don’t go all the way on your first walking exercise — walking for 2 hours straight without getting any rest won’t do no good to your health!

Another thing, do not do it by just strolling as if you’re window shopping or sight-seeing. Yes, any amount of walking is good and it will help you lose weight but it will take you a long time to get to your desired body weight if you don’t do it right.

What To Do…

Exercise by brisk walking — this will make you sweat more; however, it must be accompanied with the right pacing in order to keep your heart rate on the go while helping you build up lean muscles at the same time. If you have stairs on your home, you may also do an up and down walking for at least 15 minutes.

A pound of fat corresponds to 3500 calories. If you wish to lose a pound in kachava reviews a week, you need to do more walking to develop muscles that will help out in burning that much calories.

Walking for 30 minutes to an hour, 5 days a week or daily will surely give you a weight loss of one pound a week.

To achieve your goal, having a discipline is a must. You may also invite a friend or family to join you – to give you the enthusiasm that you need in order to do it in a regular basis. You may want to bring an ipod to accompany you along the way.

This exercise not only provides you the ideal weight that you’ve always wanted but will also prevents you from other illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, osteoporosis, depressions, impotence, constipation, colon cancers, and breast cancers and also avoids you undergoing a gallstone surgery.

It also relieves arthritis and back pains as it strengthens the muscles, bones, and joints. It even lowers stress levels, improves sleep and most of all lengthen one’s lifespan.

There are many more benefits of walking which obviously would not fit in just one single article or post. For those who want to have their walking exercise get started in the right track, make sure that you consult your doctors first or physicians, most especially for those who have just came from sickness.

Better get advice or permission from your doctor before you begin to know the level of walking exercise that’s best for your body.